Farewell, 2012

My Darling 2012,

When we started our love affair,
There was so much hope and magic in the air.

There were promises of dreams to come true, and some did, thanks to you.

But here we are, at our moments end –
Parting our ways, not even as friends.

Moments we shared we can never return;
Opportunities missed I’ll forever yearn.

You were generous most of the time
But you were also selfish,
and took what was mine.

One of the things you took from me
And gave to a man who would someday flee,
My heart filled with love, patience, and trust – now a void fills the space – but, move on, I must.

Even with the cruel jokes you played
You showed me favor along the way.

You brought prosperity to my door
You gave me opportunities galore.

You gave me strength, wisdom, and grace.
You gave me courage to stay in the race.

It wasn’t all bad, I must admit.
I had some good times, but now it’s
time to split.

There’s a New Year waiting for me – Goes by the name of Twenty-thirteen.

The allure of his coming is thrilling at best.
I wait in excitement – I can hardly rest.

The promise of things to come are sure,
My heart filled with love and patience will endure.

Upon the arrival of Twenty-Thirteen
I receive the gift of possibilities.
Things I thought lost will come again to me –
But, this time with permanence and a lifetime guaranty.

Farewell, Twenty-Twelve – it’s been a hoot.
But, now it’s time to give you the boot.

Forever in the past…
Kim Harris

Copyright 2012. Permission to share with acknowledgement to the author.


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